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an experimental NES fan site!

Here is a basic use of the HTML table element for listing a game.

Game Super Mario Bros.
Genre Action
Release Year 1985

This is the redesign of the former Wordpress-based fan site. As the webmaster, I felt even with all the nice plugins, my creativity was still limited compared to what I wanted to put online. All that remains is a reliable hosting resource, and I'll do the rest.

The mission of this fan site is to maximize my knowledge of web development making stuff
about my favorite game system of all time:
the Nintendo Entertainment System!
So if it starts out a bit ugly, bear with me, as this is my earliest foray into the world of web development.

DISCLAIMER: 8 Bit Great NES is in no way connected with Nintendo of America, its affiliates or subsidiaries.
This is an experimental website for the purpose of web development proficiency demonstration.
It is not intended to be an information site.
Any questions about 8 Bit Great NES should be sent to webmaster@8bitgreatnes.info.
We will do our best to contact you within 24 hours.